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Подобряваме живота на хората чрез интерактивни технологични решения!

Share Europe - digital capacity for the trainers in virtual reality - Day 4

On the fourth day, the team, divided into three groups, discussed the daily tasks. The topics and objects for digitization were planned. The groups exchanged shooting techniques and a briefing was held. The third group was tasked with visiting the town of Melk and Melk Abbey, photographing the most important elements of the abbey and the town.

The teams worked with cameras of different performance and features:

- Automated camera suitable for 360 degree video and dynamic photos;

- Specialized camera for shooting a series of frames with excellent quality and final HDR format.

- Specialized automated camera for capturing dynamic 360 degree photos.

After finishing the digitization of the selected objects, the teams gathered in the hall and exchanged experiences and impressions. Several images taken during the day were stitched together and the qualities of individual photographic techniques analyzed. Their applicability in different situations was discussed.


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