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Interactive Bulgaria Foundation Awarded "Quality Mark"

On December 5, 2023, the annual evaluation conference of the Center for the Development of Human Resources (HRDC), responsible for the implementation of the Erasmus+ program in Bulgaria, was held. The conference was under the motto "Active citizenship in Europe!" and was opened by the director of HRDC Mikhail Balabanov with an overview of the activities of the structure, statistical data, as well as plans for the development of the Erasmus+ program.

The event was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Academician Nikolai Denkov, the Minister of Education, Professor Galin Tsokovov, the head of the Regional Directorate of Education, Sofia-City, Mrs. Vanya Kastreva, as well as over 100 participants from the education sector from all over the country.

Within the framework of the conference, good practices were reviewed and discussed, and CHRD sought feedback from participants to optimize the effects of the Erasmus+ program. Within the framework of the event, plaques of high quality were awarded for projects implemented under the Erasmus+ program, and the Interactive Bulgaria Foundation was awarded for the ShareEurope project in the school education sector.

Interactive Bulgaria Foundation presented two projects

At the event, demonstration stands of various projects implemented under the Erasmus+ program were organized, and the Interactive Bulgaria Foundation presented its projects:

ShareEurope project:

The platform (a digital environment for creating interactive educational content and presentations based on 360-degree panoramic photos and videos)

The platform (a database of 360-degree panoramic images for creating educational content)

Game of Business project:

The platform (a digital training tool for entrepreneurship, containing structured educational content based on the European framework for entrepreneurial skills ENTRECOMP and an accompanying environment for applying what has been learned by drawing up a full-fledged business plan. The tool has many features, such as an embedded terminology dictionary, teamwork, communication environment, progress review, teacher observation, financial module, etc.)

The Minister of Education praised the Foundation's projects

The Minister of Education, Professor Galin Tsokovov, visited the stand of the Interactive Bulgaria Foundation, where he was presented with the goals and added value for education from the implementation of the projects.

"The projects of the Interactive Bulgaria Foundation are excellent examples of how the Erasmus+ program can be used to improve the quality of education in Bulgaria," said Minister Tsokovov. "These projects contribute to the development of key competencies in students, such as STEM, critical thinking skills, teamwork, and entrepreneurial thinking. They also help to shape active citizenship and to raise awareness of European values."

The Foundation is satisfied with the recognition of its projects by CHRD and the Ministry of Education and Science. "This is proof that our projects are effective and contribute to achieving the goals of the Erasmus+ program," said the founder of the Foundation, lawyer Adrian Iliev. "We will continue to work on developing new projects that will contribute to the development of education in Bulgaria."

The annual evaluation conference of CHRD was a successful event that showed how the Erasmus+ program can be used to improve the quality of education in Bulgaria and the interaction between different educational organizations from the European community.


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