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Подобряваме живота на хората чрез интерактивни технологични решения!

Share Europe - digital capacity for the trainers in virtual reality - Day 3

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

During the third day of practical training, the teams were divided into groups. After a discussion and briefing, two of the groups went to the planned sites in the central part of the city of Vienna. The third group had the task of visiting objects in the vicinity of the city of Vienna.

The groups exchanged the technique used and mastered the previous day.

The teams worked with cameras of different performance and features:

- Automated camera suitable for 360 degree video and dynamic photos;

- Specialized camera for shooting a series of frames with excellent quality and final HDR format.

- Specialized automated camera for capturing dynamic 360 degree photos.

In the late afternoon, the teams gathered and shared what they learned, what difficulties they encountered and what opportunities they discovered.


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