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Подобряваме живота на хората чрез интерактивни технологични решения!

Training in Athens. Water Resources - Day 10

Training in Athens (Final day)- KA120-ADU - Erasmus accreditation in adult education

Day 10: Water Resources

Date: 15.09.2023 | Time: 09:00-onwards

Water Resources Instruction

The final day begins with a review of logistics and an instruction session on spatial visualization related to water resources. Practical sessions follow, capturing elements that highlight the significance of water resources.

Reflection, Farewell Dinner, and Informal Discussions

Teams reconvene for a final self-reflection, group discussions, and sharing experiences. The day concludes with a farewell dinner, providing an opportunity for informal discussions, sharing experiences, and discussing future plans.

This marks the end of a comprehensive 10-day training program, combining structured learning with informal interactions to create a holistic educational experience for participants.



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