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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The Fourth Transnational Project Meeting was held on 24.03.2022, in Prague, Chech Republic. It was attended by almost all participants (only Prosveta Foundation and the Austrian partner TUROREIN were not present).

The Fourth TPM has followed a preliminary set agenda of activities, following the general set:

  1. Presentation and discussion on the current state of play of the project activities

  2. Contribution of the partners to the activities

  3. Obstacles during the elaboration of the pilot OERs

  4. Planning the final project outputs and finalization strategy

The meeting started with a presentation of the remaining activities until the end of the project, as well as a review of the calendar of upcoming events to discuss possible suitable dates for their organization. We continued with a demonstration of the changes made on the platform and a discussion on the work of the partners with it related to the activities on the contribution to the creation of content.

The project coordinator representative Mr. Kristian Bratovanov, has presented the project deliverables until now. There were additional software developments, concerning the language versions of the platform.

All project partners have presented their input to the IEDU system, in terms of the pilot OERs to be developed by them. Currently some of them are ready, but there were several problems met by the partners during the upload of the 360 images and their integration into a panorama tour (pilot OER). However the deadline should be met by all of the partners.

The discussion was extremely useful as feedback was provided to help improve the platform.

Agreement on the following organization of the project events by the end of August 2022 has been agreed:






Staff Meetings (TPM)

Participating all partners

ShareEurope | TPM5 + E2GREECE, AG. NIKOLAOS JUNE 23-25

Multiplier Events (E)

Single participants’ event at the end of the project

ShareEurope | TPM5 + E2GREECE, AG. NIKOLAOS JUNE 23-25

Learning, Training, Teaching (LTT)

Participating all partnership

ShareEurope | LTT1Sofia, Bulgaria JULY 25-31



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