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Hot Air Balloons


Подобряваме живота на хората чрез интерактивни технологични решения!


Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The last event under the project, namely the LTT1 event, was held in the period July 25-31 in the city of Sofia. Representatives of all partners were present and we held a discussion that included introductions to the participants.

On the first day of the event, a demonstration of the final version of the platform was held and all the remaining steps until the finalization and reporting of the project by the project coordinator were explained.

In the remaining days, extended training sessions were held, which included photography basics, shooting methods and techniques, familiarization with hardware and software for capturing, processing and assembling panoramic images.

Also, practical training was conducted on the technique of photographing a basilica for the purpose of recreating the object in a 3D environment by means of photogrammetry. You can see the training result below.

In the last 2 days of the training, a number of discussions were held regarding the future of the platform and the creation of a European non-governmental organization that aims to expand and enrich education in Europe through high-tech solutions in the field of VR, AR and photogrammetry.

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