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Updated: Oct 23

Today, on July 18, 2023, the second day of the "Digitalization and Gamification of Processes in Formal Entrepreneurship Education" event was successfully held, with insightful presentations delivered by distinguished lecturers Eduard Marinov, Ph.D., and Elena Spasova, Ph.D., Kristiyan Bratovanov.

During the event, a major focus was placed on the European Framework for Entrepreneurial Skills and Competences, also known as ENTRECOMP. This comprehensive framework serves as a guiding tool with five essential objectives:

Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset: ENTRECOMP aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among individuals, encouraging them to think innovatively, take risks, and identify opportunities for personal and business growth.

Enhancing Entrepreneurship Education: The framework provides a common language and reference points for entrepreneurship education and training programs, assisting educators in designing and delivering effective entrepreneurship curricula and courses.

Recognizing Entrepreneurial Competences: With 15 key entrepreneurial competences, ENTRECOMP offers a comprehensive overview of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for individuals to effectively engage in entrepreneurial activities.

Supporting Policy Development: ENTRECOMP facilitates the development of policies that promote entrepreneurship at individual, organizational, and societal levels, contributing to the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe.

Facilitating Mobility and Recognition: The framework enables the recognition and validation of entrepreneurial competences not only within European countries but also internationally, promoting mobility and collaboration.

The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, EntreComp, is a key component of ENTRECOMP and comprises three main areas of competence, each composed of five competencies, further broken down into threads. These competencies serve as the foundation for educational results in various fields such as curriculum development, teacher training, assessment and evaluation, policy development, quality assurance, international cooperation, recognition, and certification.

One innovative approach to entrepreneurship education that was discussed during the event is the "Game of Business" (GoB) platform. GoB is an entrepreneurship education platform designed to teach students the basics of economic thinking and entrepreneurial culture. It encompasses modules that cover core competencies essential for personal and business development.

The decision to utilize gamification in the educational process stems from the dynamic changes in reality, including rapid technological progress, digitalization in business and everyday life, and paradigmatic shifts in the values and thinking of new generations. Entrepreneurship is gaining even more significance in fostering innovation, driving economies, and shaping the world economy, making it increasingly preferred for professional development among new generations.

GoB is structured as a game with different levels and modules, utilizing game elements to enhance the learning experience. It enables pupils to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and competences in a flexible and interactive manner, with business plan generation being just one of the training deliverables. The content is aligned with the European Framework for Entrepreneurial Competence (EntreComp), ensuring relevance to real-life entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

The platform also incorporates the "Know-See-Do" approach, combining theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences to improve the effectiveness of learning and development programs. Furthermore, gamification principles and techniques are employed to increase learner motivation and engagement, catering to the preferences of Generation Y and Z students who are attracted to collaborative and interactive learning environments.

In summary, the "Digitalization and Gamification of Processes in Formal Entrepreneurship Education" event showcased the significance of the European Framework for Entrepreneurial Skills and Competences (ENTRECOMP) and the innovative "Game of Business" (GoB) platform. These initiatives are instrumental in nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset, promoting entrepreneurship education, and equipping the younger generation with essential skills for personal and business success in the dynamic and ever-changing world.

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