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Подобряваме живота на хората чрез интерактивни технологични решения!

Share Europe - digital capacity for the trainers in virtual reality - Day 7, 8, 9 and 10

In the last four days of the training, the trainees, having already gained significant practical experience, began more autonomous work in the field. The trainers accompanied the individual groups and stimulated and supported the students in the field work.

The goal was for the students to gain confidence in the learned park activities. Another goal was to have the opportunity to show their qualities in the selection of objects, the most suitable lighting when shooting, as well as working in the dark hours of the day and closed dimly lit spaces.

In addition to the practice from the first days of training, park work on three-dimensional photographing of an object through photogrammetry was added. Filming was done both from the ground and with two drones.

The increased efficiency of the drones allowed a significant amount of objects to be photographed, both from the ground and from the air with a drone.

Several museums, several fortresses, various elements of the historical and modern urban environment were occupied.

An urban farm producing high-quality organic produce was also filmed.

On the last day of the training, the team together with the trainers gathered for a farewell dinner, where they discussed future projects and the application of the acquired practical knowledge to increase the quality of the training conducted by Interkative Bulgaria.

The upcoming online training was discussed, which aims to increase the digital competences of the students in processing, classifying, uploading to the web and creating lessons based on the digital spatial materials captured during the practical training.

On 01.10.2022, part of the team of the "Interactive Bulgaria" Foundation went to Vienna airport and safely arrived in Sofia. Some of the students traveling by car also safely returned home in the late hours.


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