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TPM 1: Forging Strong Bonds and Unveiling the Path to Success


Greetings from the S.P.Q.R | Schools and People of Europe project team! We are excited to share the highlights of our first Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) held on July 28th, hosted by FAMILIA GLADIATORIA PANNONICA at the Madách Imre Művelődési Központ in the enchanting city of Vác, Hungary. The S.P.Q.R project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, aspires to bring educational institutions together and foster collaboration across Europe. In this blog post, we will take you through the productive and inspirational moments of our TPM 1.

Uniting Project Partners:

Representatives from various educational institutions across Europe arrived in Vác with eagerness and enthusiasm. The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from FAMILIA GLADIATORIA PANNONICA, setting the tone for a fruitful and collaborative gathering. With introductions out of the way, a vibrant atmosphere of shared goals and aspirations was palpable in the room.

Setting the Stage for Success:

The TPM 1 aimed to lay the foundation for a successful project journey. To achieve this, discussions were focused on the overall project goals, objectives, and expected outcomes. Each partner organization had the opportunity to share their vision and ideas, creating a tapestry of diverse perspectives that will enrich the project's implementation.

Sharing Best Practices and Expertise:

As educational institutions with unique experiences and expertise, the TPM 1 provided a platform to exchange ideas regarding the project implementation strategy. Partners eagerly shared their best practices, innovative approaches, and successful past experiences, fostering a sense of mutual learning and growth.

Planning and Responsibility Allocation:

To ensure a well-structured and organized project execution, the meeting delved into the planning phase. Responsibilities for upcoming activities and events were allocated among the partners, taking into account their respective strengths and capacities. This collaborative approach aims to harness the collective potential of the consortium and drive the project towards its objectives efficiently.

Addressing Logistical Concerns:

Open communication was encouraged during the TPM 1, allowing partners to address any logistical concerns or challenges. Transparent discussions paved the way for effective solutions, ensuring a smooth project journey. The collective effort to overcome potential obstacles demonstrated the consortium's commitment to the project's success.

Setting the Timeline:

A clear timeline for project milestones was established during the TPM 1. This strategic planning ensures that all partners are aligned with the project's progress and remain accountable for their contributions. The agreed timeline will act as a guiding light, leading the consortium towards accomplishing their shared vision.

Fostering Unity and Building Relationships:

Beyond the objectives and planning, the TPM 1 was a celebration of unity and partnership. The meeting allowed participants to connect on a personal level, fostering strong relationships among project partners. The camaraderie built during this event will undoubtedly strengthen collaboration throughout the project's lifespan.


The first Transnational Project Meeting (TPM 1) of the S.P.Q.R | Schools and People of Europe project proved to be a resounding success. From enthusiastic introductions to collaborative planning and bonding, the meeting set the stage for a transformative project journey. The consortium left Vác with a sense of purpose and determination, ready to embark on their shared mission of fostering collaboration among educational institutions across Europe.

As we move forward, we are excited to witness the positive impact of the S.P.Q.R project and the lasting connections it will create among schools and people of Europe. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our collaborative endeavor, guided by the spirit of unity and progress!



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