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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The 3rd transnational project meeting of the Game of Business project, was held on

October 1st 2022 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. It was attended by most of the partners.

The meeting started with opening remarks and continued with a presentation by the

project coordinator, which reflected the development of the project compared to the

previous project meeting, noted the progress on the previously assigned tasks and

indicated the next activities for implementation in the future.

Attention was also drawn to the importance and purpose of the now closed Amendment 1.

The framework of the future activities in which the partners will be engaged when the

project reaches the appropriate stage for this was outlined.

This was followed by a presentation of the team responsible for the development of the

educational content of the project, which presented the results of the activities set by

Amendment 1, which represent a kind of mapping of the connections between the

activities of the platform and the EntreComp framework. The topic of adapting

educational content for younger students was also discussed.

After this presentation, the team responsible for the development of the software

platform of the project got involved, who gave a live demo of the development progress

so far. Both the environment that will be available to users and the administrative

environment that will control and configure the platform were shown.

The meeting ended with clarifying questions and a discussion about the future

development of the platform and the upcoming partner meetings and events to

disseminate the results.


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