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Milestone 6 Achieved: Expanding Horizons - Multilingual Educational Content

The journey of the "Game of Business: Simulation Environment for Entrepreneurial Education" project has been a remarkable one, and today, we're thrilled to share a milestone that represents an expansion of our horizons. Milestone 6 signifies the completion of the translation of our educational content and its upload to the platform. The content is now available in multiple languages, including Bulgarian, English, Slovenian, Slovakian, Greek, and French. Let's explore this exciting phase in our project.

Transforming Entrepreneurship Education, Globally

The Game of Business project has been at the forefront of innovation in education. As a recipient of funding under the Erasmus+ Program, we've been actively engaged in "Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices." Our project focuses on "Strategic partnerships" within the "School education" sector. Our mission is to revolutionize the way entrepreneurship is taught, making it engaging, interactive, and highly relevant.

Traditional entrepreneurship education often relies on textbooks, lectures, and theoretical content. We're changing that narrative by equipping students with practical skills, knowledge, and competencies they can put into action in the real world of business.

Milestone 6: A Global Perspective

Milestone 6 is a significant achievement in our project as it marks the completion of the translation of our educational content. This educational content is now available in multiple languages, broadening our reach and making our platform accessible to a global audience.

The languages in which our content is available include:

  • Bulgarian

  • English

  • Slovenian

  • Slovakian

  • Greek

  • French

This expansion means that students and educators from diverse backgrounds can now access our innovative approach to entrepreneurship education. We're excited to share the Game of Business experience with a broader audience, enabling more learners to benefit from our platform.

Empowering Learners Worldwide

Our mission to prepare the next generation of business leaders goes hand in hand with our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. By making our educational content available in multiple languages, we empower students and educators from various regions to engage with our platform and benefit from our interactive learning tools.

Join Us on This Global Educational Journey

Milestone 6 is a testament to our dedication to providing a dynamic and immersive experience for students. We're excited to invite students, educators, and aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world to explore the Game of Business platform.

Our project aims to reshape entrepreneurship education by making it more interactive and engaging. Join us on this exciting global educational journey as we prepare the next generation of business leaders.

The Game of Business is now more accessible than ever before, and we can't wait to have you with us. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to transform the way students learn about entrepreneurship, regardless of where they are in the world.


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