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Milestone 4 Achieved: Mapping Success - The Game of Business and EntreComp Framework

Our journey to redefine entrepreneurship education has been marked by significant milestones, each bringing us closer to our goal of making learning more engaging and interactive. In Milestone 4, we've achieved something truly pivotal, connecting the Game of Business with the EntreComp framework. Today, let's explore this milestone and the impact it has on our project.

Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship Education

The "Game of Business: Simulation Environment for Entrepreneurial Education" project is a beacon of innovation in the realm of education. It's funded under the Erasmus+ Program and operates within the "Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices." Specifically, it focuses on "Strategic partnerships" in the "School education" sector. This initiative seeks to transform entrepreneurship education, making it immersive, interactive, and deeply engaging.

Traditional methods of teaching entrepreneurship often involve static lessons, theory-heavy content, and outdated materials. We're determined to change that. Our project is all about equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and competencies they need to thrive in the business world, but in a way that's dynamic, exciting, and relevant.

Milestone 4: Mapping Game of Business to EntreComp

In this pivotal phase, our project undertook a critical task - mapping Game of Business activities to the EntreComp framework. The EntreComp framework is a powerful tool that defines the entrepreneurial competence needed for individuals to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and culture.

The journey began with a specific methodology for this task. We meticulously decomposed EntreComp competencies and Game of Business activities to create a comprehensive questionnaire for mapping. This comprehensive process resulted in the successful mapping of all 141 Game of Business platform activities with the 57 competence threads of the EntreComp framework.

Empowering Students and Educators

This milestone represents a substantial leap forward in our project. It's all about ensuring that our platform enables users to track their progress in obtaining EntreComp competencies. By mapping our activities to the framework, we've created a meaningful and robust connection between the Game of Business and the core entrepreneurial competencies.

Our project aligns closely with the EntreComp framework, focusing on 15 entrepreneurial competencies divided into 60 threads and comprising 442 learning outcomes. This alignment means that the Game of Business platform offers users flexibility and customization. Whether you're a secondary-level student or a specialized user, our platform caters to your unique needs.

What's Next?

Milestone 4 is not just about mapping activities; it's about connecting our platform to a framework that empowers students to learn more meaningfully. It enables them to track their progress and understand the practical implications of their learning.

The Game of Business platform aims to redefine entrepreneurship education by offering a dynamic and immersive experience. Students will not just gain theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that they can apply in the real world.

As we continue on this journey, we're eager to share more about the impact of this milestone on our project. Stay tuned for further updates as we move closer to reshaping entrepreneurship education and preparing the next generation of business leaders. Join us in making entrepreneurship education an exciting adventure for students worldwide. The Game of Business is just beginning, and we can't wait to have you on this exciting educational journey.


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