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Milestone 2 Achieved: A Year of Validation and Refinement in Entrepreneurship Education

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

As we progress on our mission to revolutionize entrepreneurship education, we've reached another significant milestone in our journey. Today, we're excited to share our achievements in Milestone 2, where validation and refinement played a pivotal role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship education.

The Game of Business: A Journey of Innovation

The "Game of Business: Simulation Environment for Entrepreneurial Education" project is not just another educational initiative; it's a bold and innovative approach to make entrepreneurship education more engaging and relevant. This project, funded by the Erasmus+ Program, falls under the "Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices," with a focus on "Strategic partnerships" in the "School education" sector.

The heart of our project lies in transforming the traditional methods of teaching entrepreneurship. Instead of dry lectures and static textbooks, we envision a world where entrepreneurship education is immersive, interactive, and exciting.

Milestone 2: Validation and Refinement

After establishing the initial draft of our pedagogical methodology and lesson structure in Milestone 1, we embarked on a year-long journey of validation and refinement. This critical phase aimed to ensure that our methodology and lessons would stand the test of time and meet the real needs of educators and students in the field of entrepreneurship.

Over the course of the year, we conducted extensive research and sought feedback from experts, educators, and professionals in the field. Their insights and experiences were invaluable in helping us shape a pedagogical methodology and lesson structure that would redefine how students approach entrepreneurship.

The Power of Feedback

Feedback was at the core of this milestone. It allowed us to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our methodology and lesson structure. We listened to educators who had firsthand experience teaching entrepreneurship and students who were eager to learn. Through their valuable feedback, we refined our approach, making it more engaging, interactive, and practical.

In this phase, the project gained depth and clarity. The initial draft evolved into a robust framework that aimed to equip students not just with theoretical knowledge but with practical skills they could apply in the real world.

What's Next?

Milestone 2 was a year of hard work and dedication, but it was also a year of inspiration. The feedback we received reaffirmed our mission to make entrepreneurship education exciting and engaging. It validated our belief that a new approach to teaching entrepreneurship was not just necessary but also possible.

Our journey doesn't stop here. Milestone 3 is right around the corner, where we begin to develop educational resources that will bring our innovative pedagogical methodology to life. We're eager to share more about this exciting phase as we continue to transform the way students learn about entrepreneurship.

Join us on this educational adventure. The Game of Business is taking shape, and together, we're reshaping entrepreneurship education for the better. Stay tuned for more updates as we work toward our goal of preparing the next generation of business leaders.


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