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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

On Tuesday, July 14, 2023, the Game of Business partner - Innovation Frontiers hosted a Multiplier Event in Athens, Greece. The event was held at the Athens Cypria Hotel conference room from 19:00 to 21:30. Participants registered for the event by signing the participants' list.

The Game of Business team presented their company and Erasmus+ projects, discussed Erasmus+ in general, and then focused on the Game of Business project. After a general introduction about the project's idea, goals, and results, the team presented each IO accompanied by a QR code so participants could access all resources.

After the presentation, the team discussed the overall project and answered questions from participants. In the end, the team presented a QR code for a Google Form evaluation.

Participants were overall very interested in the project. They found it very interesting and almost all of them said they would certainly use it and/or propose it to nascent entrepreneurs and business owners. They liked the fact that the platform and its resources are all very practical and easy to use.

Some of the participants had experience with Erasmus+ and commented that they really liked the Game of Business project. Others did not know about Erasmus+ and were intrigued by the possibilities that it can offer.

The Game of Business team is very content with the result of the Multiplier Event. Project manager Michael Panoriadis was the main presenter, while the rest of the team helped with the dissemination, the registration process, the distribution of promotional materials, and the overall planning.

The Game of Business is a flexible educational and gaming platform that helps students and startups learn the skills and competencies necessary for business development. The platform consists of 141 activities/tasks that correspond to the 57 competence threads of EntreComp, and the ability to link to the 442 expected learning outcomes distributed over 8 progress levels. This makes it a relevant educational resource that can be tailored to the existing and desired level of entrepreneurial competencies.

The Game of Business is available for free at


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