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Demonstration of the Game of Business platform to the students of 56 School Konstantin Irechek

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

On 28.02.2023, the Game of Business platform was demonstrated in entrepreneurship and business education at 56 School "Konstantin Irechek", which inspired students to develop their entrepreneurial spirit. The project was implemented within the framework of the partnership with the leading organization Interactive Bulgaria Foundation and European School of Brussels IV Laeken (Belgium), Innovation Frontiers IKE (Greece), Zavod Ambitia, Zavod za Razvoj Mladinskego Dela (Slovenia) and Slovak Business Agency (Slovakia). 56 SU Konstantin Irechek (Bulgaria), being financed through the Erasmus+ program, school education sector.

Game of Business is an entrepreneurship learning platform that provides modules providing knowledge and skills for personal and business development. The aim of the project is to train students in the basic principles of economic thinking and entrepreneurial culture, including professional development and orientation, business idea generation and business development.

The platform includes eight core modules that include tasks that encourage deeper interest and develop a higher level of entrepreneurial competence. The "know-see-do approach" method used combines theoretical knowledge with real-world experience, allowing students to apply the information they have learned in a practical environment.

The platform follows a clean and uniform style, avoiding redundant terms and textbook structures. Texts, names and directions are expressed in an easily understandable way, with consistency, which motivates users to act proactively and with deep interest.

The Game of Business project has successfully demonstrated that gamification can be an effective method for entrepreneurship and business education. The students at 56 SU "Konstantin Irechek" are inspired and motivated to continue developing their entrepreneurial spirit after being introduced to the platform.

The partner organizations have a mission to spread the understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, which is important not only for those who seek to start their own business or become entrepreneurs, but also for anyone who wants to achieve success in their career or to be more effective in solving problems and achieving goals. As the engine of society, economy and human development in every constructive way, entrepreneurial thinking is the foundation of modern civilization.

Game of Business

Interactive Education in Virtual and Mixed reality.

Erasmus+, 2020-1-BG01-KA201-078958


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