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Advancing Entrepreneurship Education through AI: A Report from the First Transnational Project Meeting

Updated: Apr 2

In February 2024, Sofia, Bulgaria hosted the first Transnational Project Meeting for the project “AI in Entrepreneurship Learning in Schools.” This initiative, led by the Interactive Bulgaria Foundation, involves a consortium of European partners committed to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into entrepreneurship education. This report provides an overview of the meeting’s objectives, discussions, and planned actions.

Project Overview

The project, scheduled from December 2023 to August 2025, aims to explore and define the integration of AI into entrepreneurship education. The goal is to create a pedagogical and technological framework that supports this integration, thereby preparing students for the digital challenges of the future business environment.

Consortium Collaboration

The meeting brought together partners from TUROREIN, Fundacja Ważne Rzeczy, Gymnasium Agios Nikolaos, and 119 Secondary School. Under the leadership of Kristiyan Bratovanov from the Interactive Bulgaria Foundation, participants discussed the project’s roadmap and collaborative strategies.

Discussion Highlights and Initiatives

AI in Educational Settings

Key discussions focused on identifying suitable AI technologies for educational enhancement and developing competencies among teachers to effectively use AI in their teaching practices.

Structured Approach to Integration

The project is organized into several work packages, each addressing different aspects of AI integration:

  • WP2: Analysis of AI applicability in entrepreneurship education, leading to a comprehensive report and recommendations for integrating AI, alongside a training program for educators.

  • WP3: Development of a web-based AI Resource Center to provide resources and training for teachers, aiming to enhance digital readiness and competency in AI.

  • WP4: Dissemination of project outcomes and creation of a student forum to discuss AI’s role in education and entrepreneurship.

Forward-Looking Statements

The meeting set a clear direction for the project’s next steps, with future meetings across Europe planned to further this initiative. The project’s focus remains on equipping future entrepreneurs with the skills to navigate the digital business landscape effectively.


The first Transnational Project Meeting marks the beginning of our collaborative journey towards integrating AI into entrepreneurship education. Through ongoing cooperation and dedication, we aim to achieve our objectives and contribute to the evolution of educational practices in the digital age.



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