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Presentation of Game of Business before the European Youth Parliament - Sofia, 2023

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

On April 11, 2023, the team of Inteраctive Bulgaria Foundation (IBF) had the opportunity to present the results of project Game of Business to the young audience of the European Youth Parliament meeting in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria in 2023. The team of experts working on the project, including Christian Bratovanov, project manager, Associate Professor Eduard Marinov, who participated in the development of the educational content, lawyer Adrian Iliev, founder of the IBF, Vencislav Lukanov - the entrepreneur, and Peter Clarkson - a young volunteer, presented the functionalities and scope of the Game of Business platform to the participants.

The importance of entrepreneurial initiative among young people in Europe, the goals, and results of the project were emphasized during the presentation. The project, which was financed under the Erasmus program + direction K2 under the number: Erasmus+ Project | 2020-1-BG01-KA201-078958, offers a flexible educational and gaming content that helps students learn skills and competencies necessary for business development. The Game of Business platform consists of 141 activities/tasks that correspond to the 57 competence threads of EntreComp, and the ability to link to the 442 expected learning outcomes distributed over 8 progress levels, making it a relevant educational resource that can be tailored to the existing and desired level of entrepreneurial competencies.

The platform is designed based on the "know - see - do approach," with each step or activity offering guidance, explanation, advice, and real-world examples. The different modules and sub-modules follow an identical content structure, including information, examples, and performance tasks and assignments. The sequence and formulation of the modules are designed to align with the logic and way of thinking of the users, making it easy to understand, stimulating, and avoiding the structure of a linear textbook.

The Game of Business platform's automatically generated business plan is comprehensive and includes five main sections: business profile, marketing plan, operations plan, risk assessment, and financial plan. It covers a wide spectrum of descriptions that may be necessary when presenting a business to potential investors and partners, with 25 different topics in the five sections, linked to 45 assignments from previous Game of Business modules that correspond to the necessary input for a comprehensive business plan. The previously completed assignments are automatically transferred to the business plan, and the platform creates a direct link that allows the user to edit the corresponding assignment from the business plan module, if necessary.

All educational institutions, students, teachers and the general public can benefit from the platform's innovative and motivating features and rich and educational content. The platform is available at:

Game of Business

Interactive Education in Virtual and Mixed reality.

Erasmus+, 2020-1-BG01-KA201-078958


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