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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Today 19.07.2023 marked the successful completion of the third day of the groundbreaking event on Digitalization and Gamification of Processes in Formal Entrepreneurship Education. Hosted by esteemed lecturers, Eduard Marinov, Ph.D., and Elena Spasova, Ph.D., the event showcased the transformative potential of integrating technology and game elements into entrepreneurship education.

The primary focus of the event was the unveiling of the "Game of Business" (GoB) platform, a cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize the way entrepreneurship is taught and learned. The platform's structure comprises eight core modules and additional elements, aimed at fostering entrepreneurial competence among students at various educational levels.

Platform Structure: Empowering Students for Success

The "Game of Business" platform boasts a comprehensive structure that covers core competencies essential for personal and business development. It encompasses modules that encompass all the vital topics typically included in a business development plan and more. By utilizing the EntreComp framework, the platform sets clear goals and objectives, with progress measured against 60 threads of competence and learning outcomes.

Knowledge, Experience, and Application: The Know-See-Do Approach

One of the platform's standout features is the innovative "Know-See-Do" approach, a practical model that emphasizes not only theoretical knowledge but also real-world experience. By integrating theoretical content with hands-on tasks, learners can apply the information they acquire in a practical setting. This approach is widely recognized for its effectiveness in various fields, including education, training, and personal development.

Customized Training for Varied Users

The GoB platform offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing customization to meet the needs of diverse users. Depending on the available resources and desired levels of entrepreneurial competence, the platform can be adapted to serve secondary education students, specialized university training, or professional organizations.

Platform Functionality: The Journey Towards Entrepreneurial Excellence

The platform includes various functionalities that ensure a comprehensive and immersive learning experience:

Financial Module and Simulations: Advanced financial projections offer potential entrepreneurs a comprehensive understanding of their business's financial viability, aiding them in making crucial "go/no-go" decisions.

Automatic Generation of Business Plan: GoB generates a business plan automatically, incorporating data from previously completed assignments. The platform links directly to the corresponding activity, streamlining the learning process and providing users with a complete business plan as a training deliverable.

Glossary and Additional Resources: The platform offers a user-friendly dictionary that clarifies economic, management, and entrepreneurship terms. Additionally, a vast array of educational resources is compiled from reputable textbooks, articles, and research papers to enrich the learning experience.

Embracing the Future: Gamifying Entrepreneurship Education

The advent of the "Game of Business" platform marks a new era in entrepreneurship education, where students can engage, learn, and apply knowledge in an interactive and dynamic environment. With its innovative approach, comprehensive structure, and gamified elements, GoB holds the potential to nurture a new generation of competent, confident, and visionary entrepreneurs ready to shape the world of tomorrow.


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